Buying The Prime Land For Sale? Why Not Do The Option Two?

There are a very common and very expensive mistake new and inexperienced land buyers often make, one which is often completely overlooked and at the risk of simply losing the property all to itself. isolation from movers and/or packers. Sure, one can usually find a truck or a van service. But with a property that is often valued much higher than the average home, taking this route becomes risky at best.

Let’s see why this little yet costly mistake occurs.

You, as the buyer, must realize that movers and packers are not paid hourly unless they are an executive-type figure, such as a corporate head honcho in the 3 singly peak sliding end of the scale. The executive has to pay and pay dearly. Most premium moving companies receive these fees exclusively for their corporate business dealings, including home move services.

They don’t have to charge the landowner anything, as the final cost of hiring the movers and packers will be borne by the owner.

This, of course, means that the owner has to cover the extra charge for the moving and packing. Every ten pounds or one hundred pounds a customer pays will add $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, or even much more, depending on what the mover classifies the weight as. For the majority of movers, a self-move will constitute the maximum acceptable charge.

Let’s have a little fun with some math.

Adjective – $0.25/sf = $100 x 25 ft = $25,000

reckless move at 8 – 10 ft = $25,000 x 2 = $40,000

Less than 10 ft. – theatres of steel adepts will definitely carry, and the landowner has a big bill and a big loss. Examine the loading list, the inventory list, the placement list of the equipment: Get a detailed explanation, and then examine each and every item or any of them and make sure they are placed in the correct position before you even begin letting people inside.

The inventory list determines the weight of the truck, and the scale is whether it can be loaded and can be moved at once or need to be loaded onto and moved at some later time. If it is probably better to take the truck as it is and sit and wait to have a moving team load it, as opposed to driving offloaded and hire rope in the heat of the moment.

If you are in particular considering a self-move which is multiple miles away and perhaps has to return at a specified time, then you have to ask yourself a very difficult question: Don’t I get my money’s worth?

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