Why Do I Need to Improve My Chances of My Home Closing The First Time


By taking the proper steps in preparation for your first-time home buying experience, you may be surprised that some of the bumps in the road may be small and easy to correct, allowing you to submit your offer quickly and close that all-important deal. Knowing how to get there!

Why do I need to improve my chances of my home closing the first time?

Be exceeding lucky, we know how lucky we are to get into our first home. The purchase of a home is one of the most important, most financially important steps in life and a great deal of money is typically at stake. A big mistake in the process, however, happens more often than not. The first-time homebuyer Who’s feeling competitive develops a sense of entitlement, which may lead them to simply outlive their means and lose their opportunity. This happens because many first-time homebuyers expect to get the money they have spent in rent, or a co-signer loan, back with a note that says they were not expected to pay it back. While this may be attractive sounding to an ego-maniac, it is truly a mistake that can end up costing thousands, especially if life does not go according to plan, make it a homebuyers worst nightmare!

Do I need competitive bidding behavior?

Unfortunately, it is hard to build a competitive buying environment without participants outbidding each other and the market is so large and diverse, this makes achieving true competitive pricing and staging a challenge. In order to have true inflation pricing across the Board, some participants may need to give up their competitive bidding powers by signing agreements with the agents. Competitive bidding can be achieved and advised by companies such as Coldwell Banker Residential Broker and Heritage Pacific Properties.

Should the first-time homebuyer take advice specifically from a pro, and opt to compete in a sale where friends and relatives do the bidding for them?

In reality, your parents and friends who are competitive have no special advantage in that they have not taken the time to learn the process and prepare. They may simply feel comfortable and not think it is important. Really, at the end of the day, the first-time homebuyer must be made aware that this is a competitive market and that a reputable East Coast Real Estate Broker will provide documents and explain how to qualify for the mortgage, the closing, and the payments.

Tell your friends and family that your first home purchase is closing and that you’re stepping into a competitive environment. Seek out a lawyer in your area to ensure that you actually will qualify for your new mortgage. Seek out a mortgage broker in your area and dedicate a few minutes to educate yourself on how the mortgage process works.

Find out if there are any homes for sale that you like on East Coast, find out how those particular properties compare in condition with the ones you like in your area. Once you have a good understanding of why the competing homes aren’t the great buy that you had hoped, it will assist you in understanding why it is so important to read the sellers disclosure, understand what he does and does not owe, and seeking out the appropriate disclosures for your new home.


Finding the home of your dreams will be a simple process if you take the right steps.

Contact several Sellers, Realtors, Real Estate Investors and drop “websites” to get information on homes for sale in your area.

Attend an open house in your desired neighborhood so you can compare home conditions.

merely tell all the parties interested in early-stage negotiations that the Home is for sale.

TICKET A room for sale, per your desired room size, per bedroom, and per bathroom.


Some people like to believe that your ideal home will sell itself. Unfortunately, as a first-time Home Buyer, you’re not guaranteed the first home you see.

Many homes priced well have languished. Some Sellers will shame their future contest as a waste of time if you’re too pinned-down. Being polite with the Sellers can often save your week’s time when scheduled showings are not possible.

Just remember that Real Estate Agents look out for each other, know what each other needs, want, and needs. No matter how long you’ve worked with a particular Agent, they obviously don’t get to know you as well as they think they do. A good, professional agent is the best friend you will get in the whole house buying process and will help you define your needs in the process and work your best interests at the same time.